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The nervous system is the part of an animal's body that coordinates its actions and transmits signals to and from different parts of its body.

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Grey matter is found in clusters of neurons in the brain and spinal cord, and in cortical layers that line their surfaces.It was in the decade of 1960 that we became aware of how basic neuronal networks code stimuli and thus basic concepts are possible (David H. The molecular revolution swept across US universities in the decade of 1980.It was in the decade of 1990 that molecular mechanisms of behavioral phenomena became widely known (Eric Richard Kandel)." A microscopic examination shows that nerves consist primarily of axons, along with different membranes that wrap around them and segregate them into fascicles.It controls the mouthparts, the salivary glands and certain muscles.Many arthropods have well-developed sensory organs, including compound eyes for vision and antennae for olfaction and pheromone sensation.

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